Windows Devices

COMET-IPTV.COM is proud to provide you our own IPTV player for Windows

1- Download the COMET IPTV Player

2- Install the program

The antivirus will perform an analysis of the file, but will confirm that the file is healthy, as shown in the following photo.

If there are any concerns, you can disable the antivirus for the duration of the installation, as the program is developed by our team and is 100% clean, but this should not be necessary.

3- Just click Next, create an icon on desktop to easily launch the program et finally click on install

4- Launch the Player, then simply enter your subscription username and password

First select DNS 1, if that doesn't work then select DNS2.

5- The installation is now complete, and you now have access to your entire subscription on your Windows PC.

if you have any problems with the installation or need help, please contact us :



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