iOS Devices

On iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and Apple TV, we'll simply use the Smarters Player Lite app, which is available on App Store.

1- Simply go to the app store and type IPTV Smarters in the search bar

Then download the application

2- After installing and launching the application, you'll see this interface: choose the LOGIN WITH XTREAM CODES option.

3- After that, you will be asked to enter 4 fields:

1- In the first field, type the name you want – it’s not important (it’s just the name of the playlist).

2- In the second box, enter your subscription username.

3- In the second field, enter your subscription password (You can click on the eye icon on the right to display the password and check it.)

4- In the last field type the dns/host of subscription 

5- Check that there are no errors and click on ADD USER

4- If everything has been done correctly, you should log in to your account and have this main subscription interface with TV channels, movies and TV Shows.



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